Pades inforamtion in Swedish not working


Using Signicat Express API to create a signing document with settings for Swedish translation in Pades seams not to work. See POST signature/documents partial request/response. I have also tried the secondLanguage with the same result. Please conform if this is the expected behavior at the moment or if I do anything wrong?

"dataToSign": {
    "fileName": "file.pdf",
    "convertToPDF": false,
    "packaging": {
        "signaturePackageFormats": [
        "padesSettings": {
            "primaryLanguage": "SV"

Pades looks like this

Also the “Signed” time seams to be UTC, is this possible to be adjusted by a time zone?


Hi Georg!

The default packaging method in our test-environment was temporarily sat to a version which not support multiple languages. We have switched it back to the “normal” version again now. The signed time will be using CEST, hope this solves your problem!