Sign API: Have each document signed individually when signing multiple documents

Our client needs to sign multiple documents at once, which is supported in the Sign API. However, because of legal requirements we need to be able to retrieve each document with a signature individually. As far as I can tell from the Sign API docs, you get all documents bundled together with a signature representing all of the documents.

The SOAP DocumentService seems to support this, with the “user-centric session” approach. However, we would really like to avoid using the SOAP api unless strictly necessary.

When you create a sign order with the Sign API, you can specify “packagingTasks”. Does that have something to do with this? Could I create a sign order with one packaging task per document that needs to be signed and thereby get one PAdES per document?

Can someone confirm whether or not this is possible to achieve with the Sign API ?


There is no user-centric signing in SignAPI. But the approach you mention with one packaging task for each document will work.

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Thanks! I just tried it myself, and it seemed to do what we need it to :slightly_smiling_face: