Abort-callback when using OpenID?


I cannot find out how to hook up to an event that catches an aborted authentication with I.E. BankID. How can I recognize an abort event and redirect the user to the application that initialized the authentication?

Currently this is what greets the user after aborted sign-in:

Hello Joel

We unfortunately do not have any abort-management in OpenID in Express.

Okey. But does it work with the Express API @RuneAakre?

Yes, it should.
From our developer pages I found this snippet that might help out. It is based on the ID-part of our Express API.

"redirectSettings": {
"successUrl": "https://example.com/success",
"abortUrl": "https://example.com/abort",
"errorUrl": "https://example.com/error"

Keep in mind that this is unfortunately not relevant for OIDC.

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The updates regarding Express OIDC > new OIDC, will that make it possible to somehow, catch aborted authentication with BankID?

See About OpenID Connect | Developer Pages