Asynchronous signing and sending

It would be a great option to:

  1. Send contracts to only one of the signers, or have the possibility to manually extract the signing URL without sending to any of the recipients.
  2. Set up an asynchronous signing, making/ sending the document based on a conditional statement.
  • one person has to sign before making available to others.
  • Set up a signing order.

Signicat reply:

  1. You could as you ask for manually extract the URL. If you go to the signing orders list, click to expand a sent signing order and then one of the recipients, and you should be able to get their link. Does this cover your needs? Or is the first part also important? Just to make sure I understand this correctly. You want to add one or more signers to a signing order, but you would like to be able to set that some or all of the recipients should not get the initial email/SMS notifying them of the signing order?

  2. Setting a specific order for the signers is on our roadmap. But you can already to some degree decide who signs first by setting some of the signers as optional / not required and leaving others required. The required signers will have to sign before the signing order is sent to and made available to the optional signers.

OP reply

  1. This solves the problem partially, but there is still an issue. There seems to be no opinion to proceed without sending the contracts in one way or another when finishing the order. And yes, we would love to have the option to only send to one/none of the signers, just like in the old portal. We have set up a system of our own to send URLs to the signers with our alphanumeric sender ID.

  2. If this is already on your roadmap, we can only say that we look forward to seeing this as a feature available soon.

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