Confirm with MitID

How can I do basic confirmation with MitID?
I have tested your authentication API and that works fine, but I also need to be able to confirm/approve with MitID. Not the document signing, but just confirm/approve using MitID.
Is there not such an API?


Hi Niels,

MitID only supports authentication (and signing, but not natively). “Confirmation” is not functionally different from authenticating. We do have an add-on called Transaction consent (available in Enterprise) that can change the body text in the MitID login box to for example “Transfer 1000 DKK to {account number}”.

We have more information about that here.

It is clearer in this slide what text is configurable.


Thanks, that is what I’m looking for - those different options for “Action Texts” besides “Log on at”.
Does that mean we can only use the other Action Texts if we have an Enterprise subscription?

Yes, this add-on is only available on the Enterprise platform.