Create express account trouble

I am trying to make an express account in order to test out the API. But unfortunately it fails.

I started at the page Overview | Developer Pages and clicked create account. Filled in the form and received an email. Tried to log in - had to do some validation of my phone number, entered that 2FA I got and now when I try to go to my dashboard I get the page:

" There’s no user associated with this login method.

If you have a user you must log in with the same method you used to register with.

Log out to try again"

Of course I tried a couple of times to log out and log in again but no luck.

Any pointers on how to get a working account?

Yes I did see the video that signicat has two types of accounts - but I click the dashboard link in the email they sent me.



P.S. am I the only one who thinks the usability of this signicat site could be improved? I.e. when I enter my country in the signup form I still have to enter my country when I add my phone. And when verifying email / phone / etc there is no autofocus, no auto submit and what else we are used to from professional sites like

Also it would be nice if I could reuse my account for this forum - but then again since the signup fails this is a small thing to live with. Oh, and I had to get the forum email from the spam folder. Again a small thing but not something that inspires confidence in signicat.

LOL - I’m in :slight_smile:

Again - usability is not signicat force - why present me with 7 ways to log in if only one of them works…

Hi @Theis

we are sorry to hear that your experience of getting started was suboptimal. We are aware that there are certain steps in today’s experience which can be confusing and are actively working on improving these (although it will take some time before we are where we want to be with consolidating logins etc). We appreciate your feedback and will certainly make use of your suggestions in our work, since good developer experience is important to us. If you need help with anything while you are testing or you have further feedback, you are very welcome to establish a dialogue with us at, and we will be able to assist you further.

Best regards

Stein-Olav Davidsen