Difference between eIDV and eID providers?


I am looking into your service and how to potentially integrate it. I have a question regarding this page: Identity proofing services (providers) | Developer Pages

You list just a few providers as eIDV providers and link to many more providers as eID providers. If I understand correctly, however, at least some of the eID providers also do identity document verification (e.g., WebID).

Can you explain the difference between the two and what it means for an integration?


Hi Markus!

Thank you for the question.

In Signicat we use the term “ID methods” which can refer to both an eID and an eIDV.

eID is short for “Electronic Identity” and in Signicat this typically means one of the 30+ eID schemes that you can reach using our platform. An eID is typically issued by banks or an government entity and can be used for both authentication and signing purposes. An example of an eID scheme is Norwegian BankID which will return the the verified name and national ID number of the enduser.

eIDV is short for “Electronic Identity Verification” - and is typically a solution or technology provider for establishing the identity of person. Normally this is done by scanning (taking a picture or video) of an identity card (such as a passport, driver’s license, etc.) and then doing some sort of liveliness check that the person showing the card matches the facial biometrics found on the identity card. An example of an eIDV is WebID as you point out. Another example is ElectronicID.eu

If you want I can set up a short call to explain more and maybe demo how some of these solutions work. Feel free to reach out to me at svesam@signicat.com

Have a nice afternoon!