(Enterprise) convert xades files to Pades



Do you have a service, which can turn a xades dokument into a pades document…

We are storing all the xades documents, as documentation for the signing, but if

we need to prove the signing, it would be a good idea to transfer it into a pades-doc

(and thereby prove that the document is not tampered with


Thank you for your question about the improved legality of a signed document.

Signicat Sign API can add a packaging service that packs the signature authentication details with the original sign order document(s), and, using our Qualified Trust Provider Service timestamp, seals it all into a PaDES file that you can extract for safekeeping and court proceedings.

Reply from OP:

I cannot find a service, which takes a Xades document as input and returns an pades-pdf…
(but I properly misses it…)


Is this what you are looking for?