Enterprise Sign API: Available methods for a packaging task

When creating a signing order with the Sign API, you can specify a list of packaging tasks, each having a “method” field.

The description of the “method” field is the following:

“The name of the packaging method to be used in the packaging task. The method name should match the method definition on the service.”

In the example request, the method is set to “pades”. What other methods are available? (I’m Specifically wondering if SEID-SDO is an option)

Hi, as default only “pades” should be available. To be able to get a SEID-SDO as the result, additional configuration would need to be made to your integration. We would recommend contacting our support directly “support@signicat.com” if you’re interested in enabling this.

Would enabling this configuration cause us to always receive the result as SEID-SDO instead of PAdES, or can we choose format on a document-by-document/order-by-order basis?

It will make the response format available in a separate packaging-method, so this would be in addition to PAdES, the format would therefore need to be specified in the requests on order-by-order basis as you mention.

Thanks, that sounds good! So basically, specify “method”: “seid-sdo” on the packaging task? (or whatever the method name would be) when my client has been configured to support it?