(Enterprise) Sign API

Hello, we are trying to integrate with your Enterprise Sign API.

  1. Can we add a new signing task to the existing signing order?
    We want to support multiple signings without knowing how many people will sign our document.
  2. Is it possible to obtain the information on who signed the document, besides the information in the document?
  3. We are trying to use nbid sign method with AUTHENTICATION_BASED, but we received an error “nbid is unknown for the given service”


  1. No, you cannot add additioncal signings tasks after the request has been sent out.

  2. A bit unsure as to what exactly you mean with this, the ltvsdo where the original document aswell as the signature information resides in the PAdES document you receive (if you pack to pades).

  3. Norwegian BankID has to be set up on the service you test on, you need to contact support so you can be assisted further on this.