(Express) Headless authentication


I’m looking into implementing a headless authentication flow. Can someone please share some information about this?


Here are some pointers below. The answer depends whether you are using Signicat Enterprise or Signicat Express, so I will attach a couple of links below:

Signicat Enterprise: Headless authentication | Developer Pages

Signicat Express: Quick start guide | Developer Pages (the quick start guide for Signicat Express Authentication). For Signicat Express, the way to implement headless authentication is to use the REST API, and to set the parameter “flow” to “headless” in the Create Session POST call (see detailed API reference for that endpoint here: Authentication API | Developer Pages).

In general, note that a headless flow can only be implemented for a subset of eID methods (the ones that provide support for such a flow).

update for the Signicat Enterprise documentation link:


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