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We need different accounts for development, staging and production. Different clients is not sufficient since webhooks needs different endpoints. What is the best solution? Trying to register a new account for this but this does not seem possible?

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If you want several webhook endpoints, you can simply add more webhooks under the webhook tab in the developer dashboard. So for development/staging, it should not be necessary to have more than one API account. Once you are ready to go to production however, that will require a separate account and login to the developer dashboard (as well as webhook setup). When you are ready, you can press ‘to production’ from within the developer dashboard, in order to upgrade to a production account. Hope this was clarifying, but please let us know if you have any further questions.

Reply from OP:
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But registring multiple webhooks will cause errors since events from staging will also end up in development? and the ID will not be found in development, casing an error.

What are the requirements for creating a new account? Can the company name and VAT number be the same as well as the phone numer? I had problems with this, I always end up in the same account when signing in with phone number. Do I need multiple phone number or what is the requirement?

You should be able to toggle between accounts within the developer dashboard, if you have created several already and they are tied to the same identity as you registered with (phone number and SMS OTP if you registered with the same number). Rather, I would use a feature called tags, which acts as a webhook filter. If you create a webhook and add a tag to it, eg. ‘staging’, that webhook will only fire events for documents that are tagged correspondingly (in the Create Document call —> advanced.tags property).