(Express) OAuthBaseUrl Invalid client Id preproduction environment

We are trying to authenticate via the demo provided client id and client secret to the pre-production environment using .NET Express SDK.
The Authentication path in the SDK is “{OAuthBaseUrl}/connect/token” and the path in the tutorials is “{OAuthBaseUrl}/oidc/token”. I tested it with Postman and the provided path in the tutorials returns a valid token with the demo credentials, but the .NET Express SDK returns “invalid client”.

Maybe we are missing something.
We would appreciate any guidance.

Hi Ivelin,

as there are several different environments, one needs different keys for the different environments in order to create tokens. If you are referring to the demo clientID/secret available here, that will not work on the Express platform, as it can only be used for a different environment (the Enterprise platform). In order to get credentials for the Express platform (which can be used with the .NET Express SDK), you first need to create a free test account here, and then subsequently log into the developer dashboard in preproduction to create a client ID/secret and manage the scopes and other settings on your test client. Hope this was useful, but do let us know if you are still experiencing issues!

Thank you for the explanation.
As long as I understand, the .NET Express SDK can’t be used to connect to the Enterprise platform, is that correct?
We tried to create a test account here, but we did not receive the SMS verification code.

That is correct, you cannot use the Express SDK to connect to the Enterprise platform. When creating a test account for Express, you won’t receive an SMS verification code, however the phone number you registered with can be used for SMS OTP authentication when logging into the developer dashboard. Have you tried logging in here using SMS OTP from the login options and then supplying your mobile number?

We don’t receive the SMS OTP too. We are from Bulgaria, maybe there is some problem with the Bulgarian numbers.

Hi Ivelin,

if you cannot log in with SMS OTP, it is probably an issue with the Bulgarian numbers, we will look into this.

I suggest you reach out to support@signicat.com to get help to log in with an alternative method