(Express) Webhooks not triggering


We’re currently integrating with Signicat Express APIs, and everything is working smoothly - except for webhooks. They don’t seem to be called for any event, even though I set up a catch-all webhook which should trigger on any event.

Triggering a ping from the dashboard works, but triggering a mock event (under “Test your webhooks”) does not. It says “Mock event successfully sent”, but it never makes it to our servers, nor does it show up in delivery logs.

Note; this is in a test-account, we haven’t moved to production yet as webhooks is pretty integral to this service.


The reason why you’re not receiving the webhooks is because your webhook has the tag “all-events”. This means that this webhook will only be triggered for documents created with this “all-events” tag. If you want this webhook to trigger for all documents you can remove the tag.

Tags can be found in the documentation for the signature API under Advanced → Tags.

I created a document for you with this tag - you should have received a document_created webhook for that document a few minutes ago.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

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