Forceful retry packaging

Had an issue earlier today in which a document did not get packaged with pades, but only standard.

I explicitly requested pades(as evident in my logs), but still nothing. I have contacted support to have them repackage my document, but would be nice if i could retry this myself.

Is this possible via the API or portal?

Experienced this again over the weekend.

Signicat fails to package document and i therefore never get the expected payload.

Would be great if this could be addressed… Fairly critical bug if you ask me…

Hi Herman,

what is the format of the document you send in? And, what (if anything) do you specify under dataToSign.packaging?

I request pades.

Request payload is valid as it gets packaged properly most of the time

I have checked internally, and it seems as if the packaging failure is due to corrupt input PDFs in this case. Similar errors have been observed before, and in many cases the following guide has resolved the issue: Feil: Et nummer er utenfor område ved visning av PDF eller sletting av bilder fra en PDF, Acrobat. Could you try this approach and see if this can resolve the issue?

Will try and get back to you.

Thanks for the guide