Google Analytics Sequence Segments

By using segments in Analytics we can separate and analyze individual groups of users on the website. Segments can help us come up with data and conclusions that we can present to clients, which can help them make business decisions. Analytics offers predefined segments, which enable the analysis of a specific group of users. Some of the offered segments are: - Bounced Sessions - Mobile Traffic - New Users - Non-Converters etc.

If the predefined segments do not segment the UK Phone Number Data the way we want or need, Analytics also offers the possibility of creating your own custom segments. Custom segments allow us to group a certain part of users that is relevant to us and more easily analyze their behavior on the website. However, when using segments, it is important to know the difference between User, Session, and Hit scope.

Which scope should be used Depending on what you want to analyze, you will use different scopes in the segments: We use user segments most often when we want to analyze user behavior on the website how many users made more than n income through all the transactions that took place in a certain period we use session segments most often when we want to analyze a certain source of traffic or see what happens within the session.