How to sign document created by express API with BANKID APP method?

I created test express account.
I can successfully add documents using express API.
I can sign the document with test bankid.
But I can`t find how to sign the document with BANKID APP method?
What is wrong?

Hey Andrii,

If you use the method name “no_bankid_netcentric” in Express sign it will ask for the end-users SSN. If that end-user has bankID App set up it will launch on the end-users bankID App automatically. The test end-user provided in our developer pages is not set up with BankID app. If you want to test out bankID App yourself, reach out to and they will help you.

BankID has launched a new method where the end users can choose app/hardware/mobile themselves. I activated this method on your account. You can use it by specifying “no_bankid_oidc” in the signatureMethod.

Best regards,