Information API: Retrieve business roles by identificationNumber


Is it possible to get information about business roles for a person based on their identificationNumber?
I believe Bisnode already have APIs for this (and if I’m not mistaken, you get your data from there?), but it would be great if we could use your REST apis instead of interfacing with their SOAP apis.

Hi Magne,
Thanks for reaching out. We currently don’t support this, but we could investigate adding this.

Could you describe the use case (i.e. process in which you would use this)?
What input and output would you expect?
And for which countries?

(product manager in Signicat)

Hi, sorry for the late reply!

We would use this to automatically give a user (based on their NIN) access to do some administrative tasks on behalf of their company.

We have a system where users can log in with BankID. It would be great if we could query your API upon login/user creation and automatically issue permissions to administer things on behalf of a user’s company (for example if they are a CEO)

Edit: For our use case, we only need this for Norway.
Input: National identification number

Output: Something similar to what we get from Bisnode - a list of roles.

(Taken from Bisnode)


Orgnr: 1234567890,

StatusKode: “A”,

StatusTekst: “Aktivt”,


SelskForm: “AS”,

Rolle: “Ansvar”,

Eierandel: 0,

VervKode: “1”,

VervTekst: “Styrets leder”


Hi Magne,

This is something we can add. Can you send me your contact details in a private message, so that we can discuss further details?


thanks for the awesome information.