MitID pilot phase

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From May6h to August 6th MitID will be in production in a so called closed pilot phase. This is for all parties in the MitID scheme, to be able to make sure every thing is working as intended before the mass migration begins August 16th. During this closed Pilot phase there will be approx. 7.500 real MitID users, using their production MitID for different purposes and at different applications. The available applications will be shared on a list, only for the pilot participants. All other MitID flows will have to remain hidden during this phase.

If you as a service provider needs real MitID identities in order for you to try out your own MitID implementation in production, Signicat can help you with access to the process of getting a very limited MitID production users. This is not test users, but real MitID identities.

Please find more on the MitID pilot phase here: MitID | Developer Pages

We got the date for when Signicat as a broker will be initialized / on-boarded to the MitID production system. May 20th is the date and right after we will be able to activate service providers that are ready for production in the MitID production environment.

Please be aware of the 4 different possibilities to operate as a MitID service provider in the MitID pilot phase (from May 6th to August 6th). There is a description on the MitID section on developer pages : MitID | Developer Pages