MitID uuid claim for express authorize flow?

How do I get to the MitID uuid value for a MitID login, using express and authorize flow?

When I try and use the express API in an authorize flow (in test with a MitID test-user), and have configured userinfo properties to be part of idToken, then I see no uuid-valued claim. And example ID token payload looks like this:

“aud”: “t4df…”,
“iat”: 1663072720,
“at_hash”: “zVbQ6rMSbZZEQpZIose7tg”,
“s_hash”: “BKjjHY5unzagHOmUVPJGPw”,
“sid”: “64E6BF2AADAE38D39F88901C8463FCF1”,
“sub”: “wGIol63g2-JVTUBq-S8FGL22WzCbM8yRVTEJidn8Gus=”,
“auth_time”: 1663072685,
“idp”: “mitid”,
“idp_sub”: “ufrsXj9BzuHhdHKg9wAQBzCNE3EnaUrM”,
“name”: “Alba Von Testesen”,
“given_name”: “Alba Von”,
“family_name”: “Testesen”,
“birthdate”: “1963-08-24”,
“nin”: “yyyyyynnnn”,
“amr”: [
“nbf”: 1663072720,
“exp”: 1663073320,
“iss”: “

But I don’t see the MitID uuid in there. I see “sub” and “idp_sub”, but they don’t look anything like a MitID pid.


The UUID was until yesterday only available in our REST API, but our developers looked into it and MitID claims are now available. They have the same properties as from IDv2, except the dot is replaced by underscore. So the UUID is in the claim mitid_uuid

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