Multiple redirect urls

Hello, we are trying to connect two test environments of the frontend app to the same test instance of Signicat. The flow we are trying to achieve is as follows:

  • we show the URL to the document
  • the user clicks it, gets redirected to the document, and signs it
  • Signicat redirects the user to the same environment on which they clicked the link.

Is that currently possible to configure? Have I overlooked something in the documentation like the additional query parameter ‘returnUrl’ or something similar that we could append to the document URL?

Hi Piotr!

The “on-task-complete”/OnTaskComplete field are what you are looking for to choose where to send the signee after they finish signing. For DocumentService you can find that here:

And for SignREST here: Sign REST API (v1) | Developer Pages

Note that it’s only possible to have one on-task-complete URL per signing task and it’s static on our side. But you can add variables when you create the signing request, so you could for example add something like “env=xx” and then redirect the user on your end based on that.
But it’s not possible for us to return the user dynamically to different URLs since a signing task can be opened from anywhere.