Norwegian bank id headless

We are working on nbid-inapp headless integration and was trying out demo srvice. But always get redirected to another page saying “system is not avaliable”. I am trying to use the one mentioned in hackathon repo at GitHub - signicat/py-inapp-auth: Functional examples of inapp authentication

GET : Signicat Digital Identity on Demand

Any clues why is this wrong

The error you are experiencing usually occurs if you try to run a headless flow through a browser flow.

Would recommend checking out our developer documentation on headless authentication: Headless authentication | Developer Pages

Checking the logs, and it looks like you are missing a HTTP Header. Ref:

The authorisation request must contain the `HTTP Header “Accept: application/json”


Now I have updated it to post but get timeout Below is request… Is it something I am doing wrong.


Accept: application/json

content-length: 4800

Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded


Swedish headless works but Norwegian one fails all the time. Is it still supported with New Bank ID solution implemented in Norway ’ ?