OIDC refresh token settings

Hi, I have an OIDC API client defined for an Express testing account. However, when I enable “Allow refresh tokens (offline access)” the setting is accepted but after a minute or so it resets back to disabled. As far as I can see, the OIDC endpoint doesn’t provide a refresh token even during this minute.

I’ve also tried inviting other users to the testing, yet clicking on the accept link leads to page saying " An error has occurred

Please try again, or contact support

Request ID 0HMDPLA0J4C5E:00001C52file_copy
Error code generic_errorfile_copy
Description An error occurred. Unfortunately that’s the best error message we can give.file_copy

Should these features be working?


It seems like this could be erroneous behavior in our developer dashboard. I suggest we continue the dialog on the established support ticket.