Original document from PAdES/XadES

We have created a solution by using/sending our own old, stored Xades for getting the Pades-documents

It works fine.

When you are creating the Pades – do you get the original document from the Xades?

That means that you’re not depending on the original documents created by “createRequest”?

Thank you for reaching out.

The original document will be available Base64 encoded in XAdES/SDO. If the result of the packaging to PAdES the SDO/XML is available as an attachment in the PAdES document.

I hope this answered your question. Have a nice day!

Just to be completely sure; it means that we can harvest Pades from you - even if the original documents are deleted at you? We are not using your Archieve-functionallity.


If the document has been signed the resulting document will be available for a limited time, the limit has to do with the days-to-live parameter in the request.

Ok, more specific:
When we are creating a Pades at you, the input is the Xades-documents, which we have stored at ourselves.

Is it possible to create this Pades, when the days-to-live-paramter has passed for the resulting document. It means that the document showed in the Pades is extracted form the Xades?(input).


I see. Then I misunderstood. If you pack the document with packagingService, where you cannot set the days-to-live. This means that the packed document will just exist in the SDS for 30 minutes.


Yes, we know that the SDS-storage must be accessed just after having storing the Xades there - and we will do this.
Question: Is storing the Xades documents in the SDS-storage enough for you to create the Pades - that means extracting the original-documents from the stored Xades in the SDS - even if the result-documents is deleted due to the days-to-live-parameter in the signing-request (createEnvelope).

Im not completely understanding what you are asking here. But if I understand the question correctly.

Is storing the Xades documents in the SDS-storage enough for you to create the Pades → Yes