Procuring MitID test users

We have had some questions about how to obtain test users for MitID before signing up with a broker. Unfortunately, this is a bit more difficult in MitID than it has been in NemID, because you need access to the test tool to authenticate at level Substantial or higher.

  • In NemID, you can extract a code card which can be stored locally along.

  • MitID does not offer a code card even in test; you can authenticate with an app simulator or code display simulator, or you can pair a test user you control with an existing device.

  • The URL to the NemID test tool is published on our developer web, and you have access if your organization’s IP address is whitelisted.

  • We are not allowed to publicly display the address to the MitID test tool.

There is one workaround for this situation, and that is to have someone create a test user for you with assurance level Low. In this case the user experience will be a bit different, and the resulting level of assurance will not be the same as what you will hopefully hav in production, but it is better than nothing.