Regarding NemID Authentication and Verification


I’m currently on a web project which requires NemID Verification. I don’t want a user to login using NemID, I just want to verify whether given NemID is genuine or not, just by checking if the NemID exists or not.


So you want to check whether a given person has NemID, based on some information you have collected on your side, but you don’t want that person to go through actual NemID login?

That exact scenario may not be possible.

There is, by design, no way to look up whether a given person has NemID without going through a login. If you have the PID number from a NemID login, and that person’s CPR number, then there is a lookup you can use to check if those two numbers belong to the same person. However, Signicat does not offer that as a separate service, only as part of the NemID flow, and you would also need to have performed a login to get the PID number in the first place.

I don’t see a way around performing an actual NemID login.

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