Sending signing session from mobile to desktop, not possible

If you receive a signing link per SMS (text message) and you then open the URL. The document you need to sign is way to big to read on your mobile device so you want to move it over to your desktop. In chrome you can “share” the tab you other devices like your desktop.

But the URL no longer contains the document ID, so you get a tab on your desktop with just an error-message in it. Not very user-friendly experience.

Hi Stian,

There are many ways of locating an URL from an SMS to an desktop PC, I would recommend utilizing one of these without opening the link from the SMS. Many of our signing methods utilize cookies, so when you swap from mobile browser to desktop browser using an the share function, it seems that these could get lost on the way.

If you experience more issues please contact the business whom sent you the signing link and let them know so they can contact us to improve on their solution. Best of luck onwards!