Session was not found

Has anyone experienced this?

  • I create a session. It’s created fine, I get the sessionID and redirect user to bank.
  • Bank authentication is ok.
  • Bank redirects to preprod signicat com
  • preprod signicat com calls api signicat com but it does not find the session?
  • my callback URL is not reached, so I cannot retrieve the session by doing a GET request
  • The following error is shown

{“status”:404,“code”:“not_found”,“title”:“Not Found”,“detail”:“The specified session was not found.”,“type”:“Authentication API | Developer Pages…”}

I got an answer from support that I should request session after authentication, but it does not seem possible, because my callback URL is not reached.

This issue was solved with the help of support. Encryption public key was missing from the session create request.

Link to docs about this: