Should I choose Express or Enterprise?

Whether you are going to make a Signature or Authentication integration, you have to choose between the Express and Enterprise solution.

Regardless what you choose, you will be able to get started immediately at the hackathon. But you should probably have made your choice by the time of the Hackathon, as these are separate integrations.

Quick guide to the difference between Express and Enterprise:


The Enterprise plan is targeted towards large customers within regulated businesses. This plan includes access to all Signicat’s services and service desk support.

  • Support for 30+ eIDs from across Europe
  • Private cloud
  • Service desk support
  • QTSP, SOC2, ISO27001 certified
  • Wide range of 3rd party registry lookups
  • Identity paper verification

Try free with demo credentials:
Developer site Enterprise: Developer Pages


The Signicat Express plan is best suited for small and medium sized business. You can select up to three methods and the solution is hosted in the public cloud.

  • Commonly used Nordic eIDs
  • Public cloud
  • Community support
  • Quick onboarding with turnkey solutions

Create a free express test account: Signicat Onboarding
Developer site Express: Developer Pages

What MitID features are available in each solution?

Read more about currently available MitID features here:
Enterprise: MitID | Developer Pages
Express: MitID | Developer Pages