Sign multiple documents at once

Question: Is it possible to sign multiple documents in one go?

Our client regularly sends multiple documents to be signed by their customers. Our current signing flow forces the user to open each document one by one and sign each time with BankID.

Is it possible to sign multiple documents at once (using the Express API)? If not, are there legal reasons for this?

An example

Current situtation:
Bob has 10 documents that he needs to sign. Bob opens each document and signs it with BankID. He has to sign 10 times.

Ideal situation:
Bob has 10 documents that he needs to sign. Bob selects the documents he wants to sign now, e.g. 7 of them). Bob signs once with BankID, and now has 3 documents left to sign. (which he can choose to sign individually or all at once)

Hi Magne!

The ideal situation you refer to is not possible, what would be the solution here is to sign 7 often one by one, then come back and sign the rest.

We do have options where they can sign all documents at once, referred to as identification here:

I hope this answered your question. Have a nice day!

How can I create multiple documents when using ‘identification’ instead of ‘pkisignature’? That seems to be an option on the document. Do I just call the ‘create document’ endpoint for each document? Can I link them together somehow?

I think I misunderstood the use case here, if you have already created the signing order and get one document per signing request we have no way of linking them together.
What I was referring to was when adding multiple documents to one signing order as shown here:

I basically want to sign multiple documents but only authenticate (with BankID/BankID mobil in this case) once. If I add attachments to a document, they still have to be signed one by one, no?

What I want to achieve is a smoother user experience for users who regularly have to sign a lot of documents. We would like to let users select multiple documents they want to sign, authenticate with BankID once, and then all the selected documents are signed.

Is this possible to achieve with Signicat? If no, are there legal reasons to why people have to sign each document individually?

@odin.knutsen Did my question make sense?

Hi Magne

I went on and tested the solution and unfortunately it did not work as expected. We do however support this in our enterprise solution as bundle.

So as of today we have no options for signing multiple documents at once with our express sign API.

Do you support it in the enterprise REST api or only the SOAP api?

Dear Magne

This is possible with both the REST and the SOAP API. For the SOAP API you use the documentation linked previously in this thread, for the REST API this is a native function as long as the signatureMethods type is set to AUTHENTICATION_BASED.