Signicat Express API: Missing a direct correlation between webhook and signing


Afraid i might have overseen something, but from what i can see we are not able to correlate a signing with a specific webhook…

Posting payloads to all webhooks naively is not only a poor use of your own resources, but requires a fair bit of handling for the client. Hammering all webhook endpoints with requests which are completely irrelevant seems like a poor pattern…

Feature request:
add prop somewhere on signing such that we are able to explicitly state what webhooks should be used. This has to be a list as there can be 1-n webooks for a given signing.

Hi Herman!

This is already possible (but admittedly not as easy to find in our documentation as it should be):

In the dashboard you can then add the same tags to your webhook. Events for a tagged document will only be sent to webhooks with matching tags.

Hope that answers your question!

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