Signicat express API: Missing list of all variables exposed in sms templating

Express API has the option for custom texts, but the resulting message has no reference back to the signing. In the default template a shortened url to the signing-portal is included.

We should have the option to template this into the text that we specify.


"Hello customer of company ABC, please follow the link to sign the agreement: ${signicatUrl}.


Seems like this is already posslbe, but you fail to mention this in your docs(as far as i can see)

I can modify the following template to achieve what i want
{sender} har sendt deg dokumentet med tittelen {document-title} til signering. Velg denne lenken for å starte signeringsprosessen: {url}

Would be nice if you could list all available variables somewhere :slight_smile:

Hi Herman,

usage of merge fields in the API is described in the high-level product documentation here: How to create a document | Developer Pages

Additionally, you can also override all the default text strings from the developer dashboard. This is described in the following section: Custom texts | Developer Pages

Hope this was useful!