Signicat Express) Cant log in to dashboard in test environment


I know first time i have to use the SMS OTP but after entering the code from sms i still get message:

"There’s no user associated with this login method.

If you have an user you must log in with the same method you used to register with."

I am using the same phone number i used in the sign up forms.

Seems like there is some internal issue creating new users.


Hi, this is an issue we are working to fix. Currently, there is a small lag of a few minutes before the OTP password works. Can you see if it works after waiting a few minutes?

Reply from OP:
Thanks for your reply, i tried waiting but that had no effect. Still same message about no associated user .

Just a question: are you trying to log into the test dashboard, or the production dashboard? Because these are separate dashboards, and as a new user, you only have access to the test dashboard.

Link to test dashboard:
Link to production dashboard:

Please tell me if it works this time.

Reply from OP:
It was the test dashboard. I followed the link from and created the free Signicat account. After that i got meail what directed me to the test dashboard.

Anyway it looks like the issue is resolved and i was able to log in to the test dashboard with sms otp.

Thanks for your patience :slight_smile: It seems like you had a very long lag - this is an issue we will fix up very soon

Reply from OP:
I face the exact same issue after signing up and using the OTP to sign in to the Signicat Dashboard - Test environment: “There’s no user associated with this login method.”

Please assist.

Tom, if the problem has been persisting, please contact