(Signicat Express) OIDC logout



trying to end the OIDC session with a logout. I don’t find any documentation on this but find some clues in the demo page.

I request a logout with the following uri and this renders a logout page with a logout button. When logout button is clicked no redirect is made. Is it possible to have automatic logout (without the button click) and redirect? How do I achieve this?




In order to log automatically log out the user you need to provide an ID token of the user as a query parameter id_token_hint.


Identity Portal
post_logout_redirect_uri has no effect unless the id_token_hint parameter is provided.

The id_token_hint is used as proof that your application has previously authenticated the user, and is used to verify that your post_logout_redirect_uri is configured on your client.

Reply from OP
Is this information still correct? When looking at the well-known document it says that the end_session endpoints is


When we send a request to this url, with a post_logout_redirect_uri parameter set, all that happens is the browser gets a 302 to


But any request parameters set on the endsession endpoint is removed when this redirect happens. So the users always end up at the signicat logout page.


Turns out it does work, as long as the Post-logout redirect URIs is properly configured in the admin interface. If they don’t match it will not throw a warning, but just go to the signicat logout page. I would love to see some logging in the admin interface about logout, there is zero information about that, could have helped in this scenario.