The fallback mechanism - how does it work?


The fallback mechanism - how does it work?


You might have noticed that we have a feature in MitID called fallback, in which you can choose NemID instead if you aren’t migrated. In this post I will explain more thoroughly what it is, how to get it and how it works.

What it is

Quite simply, it will display a link somewhere around the MitID applet which allows you to go to NemID instead. You can specify any text, but by default it is: “Don’t have MitID yet? Use NemID instead”.

You can also choose to set up NemID in the same way and have a fallback link displayed there, in which case the default text is: “Have MitID already? Use MitID instead”.

How to get it

Firstly, you need the following:

  • Signicat MitID with the Advanced Graphical Profile addon . The fallback option will not display in the basic graphical profile.
  • Signicat NemID. A NemID integration with a different supplier will not work.
  • A NemID agreement with Nets DanID. If you have an existing agreement, you can reuse that, but you will have to have issued a new NemID VOCES.

Once you have that in place, talk to your Onboarding Manager to set it up for you, or with Service Desk if you’re not in an onboarding process.

What does the resulting evidence look like?

If the user chose MitID, it will appear as a regular MitID transaction. If the user chose NemID, it will appear as a regular NemID transaction.

This does mean that for authentication, you will need to request scopes for both methods.

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