Updated user information

Hi there,

I believe the following is true:

We (Kry) update all of the details around the user upon sign-in (each time). We update the following:

  • name (first,- last- and fullname)
  • address
  • postcity
  • postcode
    We received these data from you (Signicat).

Several of our users report this is information is out of date, for example, name changes not being updated. Could explain a little about the frequency of when you update this, or any other factors which we should be aware?


Hi Jon,
The information we provide is fetched from “infotorg” and the end-user certificate for each transaction. So we do not store any of these details.
If i’ve understood correctly, name in our response is fetched from the end-user certificate for BankID. If this is incorrect, the end-user should contact their bank that has issued their BankID, and have them update.
Address should be fetched from the “infotorg” lookup, which fetched this from “Folkeregisteret”, and should be quite up to date.

Let me know if i’ve misinterpreted anything here, and we’ll do our best to assist further.

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