Updates to MitID

October 28
MitID has now been in real production for about 3 weeks and approx. 65.000 users have been migrated in this initial phase.
We also se some of the first phishing attacks. There is extensive monitoring and the sites are being blocked / taken down as soon as they are discovered

May 5th

Signicat has now official passed the MitID certification process - our security audit report has been approved. This is a major milestone and we are ready to go live with MitID om may 20th - the time slot for our initialization on MitID production system

April 21th

We got an update to the MitID documentations and requirements from Digitaliseringsstyrelsen this week. Some of those are focused on the UX requirements in the area of keeping the MitID brand clean from a lot of different expressions. We will shortly update the UX requirements on developer.signicat.com

April 6th

We have been informed by the MitID organization that access to preproduction, which was due today, has been delayed until Thursday, April 8th.

March 11th

We have received first draft of MitID pilot phase plans from the program behind MitID (Digst and the Banks). There are several tracks in the pilot phase and the track, Signicat as broker and you as a service provider is part of, is still not very detailed. We will be able to offer a few selected service providers access to the pilot phase. If you as a service provider are interested to become part of the MitID pilot phase from May 6th to mid August 2021 please reach out.

March 1st

The MitID closed pilot phase has been extended from one month to 3 months, ending August 15th 2021

This means end user migration from NemID to MitID will begin August 16th 2021

In the Pilot Phase there will be 7.500 MitID users involved in testing. These are selected from Digst, Banks and Brokers