User lockout after multiple failed login Attempts

The Whatsapp Number Listcascade order allows you to see the full history of connection failures. Also, with a few settings, you can limit the number of boot crashes the user can.

Use the following command to display a list of all open ports, in addition to the associated programs:

If we separate OS-related files from user-related files, we add a higher level of security in general because we can back up the entire partition much more easily. If, for example, we only want to back up all user configurations, backing up /home would suffice. Note that these are the system files that should be on separate disk partitions:

Use a central authentication service

The benefits of implementing centralized authentication include easier control of all Linux / UNIX accounts associated with the server, as well as the authentication data itself. They also allow you to keep authentication data ( credentials ) synchronized between servers.

One suggestion is the OpenLDAP application, which contains all the necessary documentation about installation and implementation. It is completely open and of course available for free download .

Without central authentication, time is wasted checking different authentication methods, which can lead to outdated credentials and user accounts that should have been deleted long ago.

Using an IDS / IPS (Intrusion Detection / Prevention Systems) firewall

Having a firewall on our team is essential for granular control of inbound and outbound traffic, Linux includes iptables by default, although in recent Linux versions we have nftables, which is the evolution of the popular iptables. Thanks to this firewall, we will be able to control in detail all the traffic going to the server and leaving the server.

An intrusion detection system helps us detect malicious or suspicious activity, such as DDoS attacks, port scans, or attempts to breach the network traffic they generate. A successful and secure system production drive requires software integrity review, which is made possible by IDS systems.

At RedesZone we recommend which is a utility tool to facilitate the installation and management of Snort. It is an intrusion detection system, with the addition of an intrusion prevention system (IPS). The latter adds a greater layer of protection to servers against persistent threats.

Fail2ban or denyhost can also be considered valid and practical options for implementing an IDS type system. Now, to install Fail2ban, type the following commands:

sudo apt-get install fail2ban

Modify the configuration files according to your needs:

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Today, the use of VPN servers is essential, if we have many Dedicated Servers or VPS in the same management network, we can use a VPN server to access the , we recommend you to visit our comprehensive tutorials to configure VPN servers with maximum security.

This security measure will prevent a user from copying files from the Linux server to a USB, FireWire or Thunderbolt device. Would you like more tutorials like this? Let us know your suggestions in the comments.