Welcome to the Signicat Community!

Welcome to the Signicat Community! This is the place for you to ask questions of our experts and get swift responses.

What can I post in the community?

  • Questions about Signicat SDKs, APIs, or other technical questions
  • Bug reporting
  • Feature requests
  • Other questions to our experts that don’t require revealing sensitive information

What should I not post in the community?

  • Requests for certificate renewal
  • Questions about service downtime (check the status page first)
  • Questions that require revealing sensitive data

Instead, contact support@signicat.com (Express or Enterprise) or technicalsupport@signicat.com (Signicat Benelux) for the aforementioned questions.

For other needs contact sales or offices directly.

For onboarding issues, contact your onboarding manager or sales representative.