Why should we choose Signicat as a broker?


Why should we choose Signicat as a broker?

What are your main selling topics to choose the Signicat broker (price/functionality etc.)?


We are an eID broker that has has been in the market since the early days and knows the business well.

We operate in several different countries and have a large pool of talent to draw from.

We are certified for many eID schemes, and are trusted by major institutions across Europe.

We have a vast array of value adding services, and are dedicated to finding the solution that fits your needs.

Simply put, eID is our core business.

That’s how the sales pitch goes, but if you would like a bit of additional detail, we have heard from both potential and actual customers that our feature set for MitID is the best in the market. We haven’t examined the other brokers’ offerings in detail, so take that for what it is.

On a more personal note, why would I choose Signicat, if I was a decision maker in a Danish company?

  • Because Signicat has designed the MitID offering to be sustainable from day one. There will be no massive price increase once a sufficient number of customers have signed up.
  • We never knowingly make a guarantee purely based on an economic risk if we fall short. If we promise something, it is because we are as confident as we can be that we will be able to deliver.
  • Because we are more than a supplier - we are a trusted partner.

That is not to say that other brokers do not have those qualities - but I know that we have them.

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